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How our truffles are gathered?

Nowadays people try different ways to cultivate truffles, some of them are successful, other are not. The biggest drawback of cultivating is that the truffle loses part of its aroma and its taste. It loses its quality!

What we do?

We go hunting in the wild! Yes, all of the truffles we sell are wild growing, picked right from the nature.

Where do we hunt?

We have our special places, located in Northeastern Bulgaria. Well, like other wild places, there are no highways or big factories and works nearby. That’s right – this is Bulgaria. We still have wild and ecologically clean areas and no big factories. Fortunately our truffles grow there.

How we do the hunting?

Long time ago pigs were the main truffle hunters, nowadays things have changed. Our beloved dogs are there for you! They are trained and every one of them has a special ability, we have white truffle hunters and black truffle hunters. ????

How do our dogs live?

Our dogs are part of the family and live like every other family pet. They sleep, they eat, they go out for a walk, they play with us and together. Some of them love chasing balls, others prefer jumping into muddy puddles and everyone tries to escape the bath.

Their people do not like chasing balls like them, but everyone loves nature.

The dogs think that hunting truffles is a very funny game with a lot of dog snacks and treats. They are able to recognize when we start our preparation for the upcoming truffle hunt even before we could get our equipment out. Guess what? They get so excited and begin jumping around impatiently. I may say that visiting the woodlands is their special thing.

How do we live? We live in harmony with nature!

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Try out our fresh truffles and enjoy their unique aroma and flavour!

Read more about truffles in Wikipedia.

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