truffle-spiked xiao long bao


Whether you’re on a budget or happy to splash, this season’s a good one. Get a three-cheese jaffle with truffles two ways, truffle-spiked xiao long bao, Indomie’s mi goreng with truffle-infused cheesy sauce, fancy Wagyu steak with shaved truffle, and even hot chocolate sprinkled with truffles.

New Shanghai, various locations

At this Chinese restaurant group, truffles are stuffed into inky black xiao long bao and pot-sticker dumplings and stirred through chicken-and-mushroom fried rice. The xiao long bao, or steamed soup dumplings, are thick with the aroma of these black beauties, while the fried rice will impart a sharp, pleasant whiff of the stuff every now and then. If you want to get your truffle fix on a budget, this is a good option – you get a decent amount of it for less than $20 per dish.

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