The Chapel of Barolo near La Morra

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Chapel of Barolo, cappella del barolo

The best Sol LeWitt’s Colorful Church in Piedmont region, Italy

The Barolo Chapel

In the beautiful Piedmontese countryside, and more precisely in the Langhe area of ​​Cuneo in the territory of the municipality of La Morra, there is an incredible little colored church unique of its kind in Italy. The La Morra city center, there is the Chapel of Barolo or Chapel of the Madonna Delle Grazie, was built in 1914, next to an existing votive chapel frescoed by Giovanni Savio (1963-1950) from La Morra. In 1999, the Ceretto family, who bought it in 1972 along with the vineyard in front of it, commissioned the reinterpretation of the Chapel of Barolo in a contemporary key by the artists David Tremlett (1945), for the interior, and Sol Lewitt (1928 Hartford, Connecticut – 2007 New York), for the exterior.

The Chapel of Barolo – Cappella del Brunate

Having become one of the area’s most modern symbols, it is now known as the “Cappella del Brunate” (Brunate Chapel) or “Cappella del Barolo” (Barolo Chapel) in celebration of the prestigious wine which begins its life in this famous vineyard.

This Chapel is another small jewel immersed in the Piedmontese countryside and surrounded by vineyards and plants absolutely to be discovered. The Ceretto company also offers other cultural and gastronomic initiatives: tastings, tours, guided tours and much more.

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How to get to The Chapel of Barolo in La Morra


Cappella del Barolo – La Morra CN, Italy

GPS coordinates 44 ° 37’41.312 ″ N 7 ° 56’41.824 ″ E;


The chapel of Barolo is open every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm


Free admission

For more information, visit the Ceretto Experience website.

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