Cheese and truffles are a perfect match with eggs.

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Goodfields, Lindfield
your day with a brekkie hopped up on truffles at Lindfield cafe Goodfields. There are six dishes injected with a dose of the black stuff, plus it can be added to any other dish for $15 (if you’ve ever dreamed of pumping up a bacon and egg roll with these babies, now’s your chance).

Goodfields knows that, much like Victoria and David Beckham, cheese and truffles are a perfect match. So, it’s created a jaffle with croissant loaf, three kinds of cheese, ham, truffle cheese sauce, and extra fresh truffles ($29.50). It’s also mixed truffles into arancini; infused them into ice-cream and wedged them between brownies for a lush ice-cream sandwich; and used them in a beef braise, which is then topped with truffle pecorino and fresh truffles.

The stuff’s also there in the fried-chicken hotcakes, where it’s injected into whipped butter and infused in maple syrup before more is grated on top. Plus, there are butter-fried lobster chunks with chips, truffle cheese sauce, and of course, fresh truffles.

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